Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just Friends

Looking back at my older posts....evrything is about something depressing... I realized that i really like to express my depression when im depressed.....huhu....

DEPRESSION is a great motivation to keep my blog alive. =p

Today, the question that pops my mind which i could not be bothered with before is that can a guy befriends a girl and be just BFFs and nothing more?  I have no idea because i do not have any male BFF, and alhamdulillah I prefer it to be that way forever. -_-

If you are one of those fanatic followers of the old series F.R.I.E.N.D.S's, obviously the answer is a big NO NO. There is always this indescribable attraction btw the guy friend and the girl friend.  And i've heard many many stories, that they are just starting out as friends, expecting for nothing more, but eventually something did happen.

No two person of different gender can be BFF without one of them falling for the other. Hence it bothers me much to know the existence of this one person who seems to be quite a BFF to U.  I shall name her Miss X.  How i really despise this Miss X, only Allah knows.  And how it hurts to see the intimacy btw Miss X and U, is a feeling that i cant seem to tolerate with right now even though U have told me that you are JUST FRIENDS.

Im 28.  Im mature enough to think this over and not do anything childish or stupid.  Yes, for now I cannot seem to face the world, as everything seems so gloomy and blurry.  But it will heal with time.  I know my rights are limited.  U are not mine to control.  I can only pray and hope for the best for whatever which is coming that i cannot predict and that Allah will keep my Iman and guide me in the right path throughout the journey.  And hopefully I can be that faithful Muslimah and have a place in Jannah.  Having said that, I am sure the journey is going to be a rocky one.

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  1. Miss X and Mr U ..
    Fiu..lucky dia miss X..kalau dia Miss V lagi bahaya sebab V always standing beside U..kalau tak caya..cube u see below..

    STUVWXYZ..can u c???see kan..how far U from X..kena tempuh V dan W dulu..that's why I said nasib baik dia bukan V..kalau V memang next ajelah..kekeke

    gurau jer k..jangan mara..

    *renung2kan dan selamat beramal =)

    -pssst reader-